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♥ Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I don't know why when you are with me, you compare me to him?!
Am i or him your boyf?
If at the beginning you still think he's the best for you, why do u still accept me?
I am not scolding you just now but ,
Since we have chose this path, we should know each other character and give in to each other
To you maybe, i didn't try hard enough to care for you but in fact, i've given up my all
You told me no point in telling me what's wrong with you?
Sometimes when you are down, i will try to give you this & that..
But you always reject my kindness..
Everytime i asked you what's happening, you just keep your mouth shut.
You just like to be in your own world.
As a bf, i should be the first who know your everything.
But you just won't tell me.
Am i really such a lousy boyf that you can't even tell your problems to me?
Perhaps i can't solve any of your hard problems.
But i only want to share your burdens , lend you my ears and give you my utmost help!
I already try to gave in alot just for you. Why can't u feel it?
I'm really dissapointed that you can just easily tell me to find a new girl
You said we will walk thru together, yet you are the one breaking the promise now.
I don't want this to happen but since you think he's still the best to u, then go back to him.
I treasure the times we had together. Its ok if we are not suited for each other.
At least we are in love once!
Goodbye my love!

Never really wanted to let go of those good old times Y
4:30 AM

♥ Saturday, November 7, 2009

Met up with my MPTS batch mates at jurong east on wed night.
We chosed cafe cartel for dinner!
Its been great to catch up with one another!
And omg, they are ord-ing soon.. I'm super envious of them
Photos of that night will be upload to my facebook soon

Then on friday, went to a korean restaurant at joo chiat with lerelyn & rochell for dinner
It cost me a bloody $92 cause we 3 only ate a little.
After dinner went on to kbox at katong leisurepark.
Sigh i forgot to bring my camera along or else alot of photos will be taken for sure!!
Sang till 3plus then drive the girls back to pasir ris & home sweet home for me!
Definitely not enough sleep for me. 2 more hrs later i got to wake up to work again.
Happy birthday rochell!!!
Tell me what u want for ur present?

Reach home from work at 11 plus.
Drove family down at old woodlands square for breakfast!
Wanted to go pool with diky but he have no money
And he still owe me $12 for losing to me!
Guess i've to spend my sunday at home..
Tonight my chelsea is hosting manchester U
Another convincing win? Hahaha

This fri off has been cancelled by my boss cause there is nobody in camp on fri
So i need to go camp on friday
This week quite's a relaxing one.
Tml mon & tue on course! Wed 24hrs thu off, fri 8-5

Bye friends!

Never really wanted to let go of those good old times Y
11:04 PM

♥ Thursday, October 29, 2009

Reached home at 5.50pm.. 1st thing 1st, take out shoes, get changed and eat dinner!
Super hungry cause i skipped lunch. Lunch sucks in camp today
Hais i was late for this morning disiplinary spot check.
Supposed to reach camp at 6.30am but i reached at 7am.
This teach you guys not to snooze your alarm when it buzz!
Tml is friday = 24hours duties/sat , sun off !!
Will spend my precious weekends wisely cause next sat is being burnt.

So rochell, time/venue?

Never really wanted to let go of those good old times Y
5:37 AM

♥ Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I think my dad is really angry with me this time round!
Perhaps i really said the wrong thing to him. But i really didn't mean it.
He told sis he won't care for me anymore.
Sis said that i can take it that nothing has happened. But its not the truth!!
At work, i still think of when his anger will be appeased?
I really don't like the feeling when my parents are giving me the cold shoulder.
Okay enough of it. Lets see how things will go in a few days time.

Just came back from soccer since i've nth to do at home also
Drank a can of 100plus b4 i bathed.
It's 11.17 pm now & tml is a another working day. Sian man..

And omg i can't wait for this year ZOUKOUT @ siloso beach.
I miss last year ZOUKOUT so definitely i will go this year
So who want to go can actually contact me.
Arrange a day to go down to zouk to get the tickets.
Alright i think i gotta sleep soon since tml is an busy day.

Rochell i don't know u still rmb we have singing this week anot but i hope u do rmb!

Never really wanted to let go of those good old times Y
7:58 AM

♥ Monday, October 19, 2009

I'm going to declare broke soon!
Brought a GPS last sat at JP with dad & mum which cost me $320.
It will help me on the road so aiya $320 is considered well-spent.
I want extra income.. Bless me financially god
This week is a very relaxing week for me.
Only need to work on thu. 6 days off cool !
How i wish every week is like that!
Returned home from work at 9am today.
Used the com/listened to music & slacked at home the whole day basically.
At night went to causewaypoint to buy some supper
And oh ya i brought a korean drama for $15 @ TS. It's on promotion so i brought it.
This sat i've planned to go to old turf club city to hunt for cars with hanwei & justin.
I've already a few cars in mind so ya just a matter of time when i'm buying it.
Right now, i can't get to sleep.
Wanna watch the korean DVD i just brought but scared i may fall asleep anytime.
Ok i will find some programs later. Cya friends & good night!

Never really wanted to let go of those good old times Y
8:04 AM

♥ Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Aww i haven't took my dinner yet!
That is because i took my lunch today at 3plus.
Ok well, i'm simply tired this few days. Maybe i should slp early tonight.
Received a very good news today morning.
Boss told us he will award us 3 days off because of the hard work we put in this month.
Plus i got another 2 days off for some reason.
So total 5 days off!
Shall plan this 5 days off carefully.
But still very pathetic. This year still left 3 days of leave only.
Oh yeah happy 21st birthday to jessie.
Celebrated her birthday at westcoast on monday.
It was a killing 2 birds with 1 stone celebration because i got to met my sec friends.
It has been ages since we all last met.
I think the last time we are together is when we are at sch collecting results.
Well, time pass so fast man!
Ok la here are some photos we took during jessie birthday!
I will let the pics on top end off this post.

Never really wanted to let go of those good old times Y
5:28 AM

♥ Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hello ppl sorry for neglecting my readers for months.
I promise i will get myself to blog more cause rochell tai ask me to blog almost everyday.
But i know its impossible la!
Ytd was a nice sat for me..
Went for singing at kbox amk with lerelyn and rochell.
Rochell & me is like damn high singing jay chou songs.
Lerelyn then help us record all our songs video.
Sang all the way till 3am. Then slack ard amk smoking.
I want more more kbox sessions! Hahaa
Actually planning to slack somewhere after fetching the girls back to pasir ris.
But stupid rochell alrdy slept halfway during the journey.
Hence, she go home 1st followed by lerelyn.
Drive home & slept like a pig until 5pm.
Nice weekend overall.
Sian! Its mon again tml. Monday blues!!
Working is simply tired.
I don't like working life at all.
Ok la going to eat my dinner soon..
Goodbye people! :)

Never really wanted to let go of those good old times Y
4:08 AM